SURF 'N SAND, 04108, multipanel acrylic abstract

I'm not sure what I was trying to accomplish with this multi-panel piece. The acrylic paintings are mounted on natural color MDF boards, which are mounted on black MDF boards in a layered presentation. The paintings are on gatorfoam, a cool product in which the canvas is attached to very rigid foam core.

In the paintings, I was playfully letting the colors wash together after applying various acrylic mediums (clear tar gel and absorbent ground by Golden). The clear tar gel shows the color of the surface it was applied to - in this case white. Other white circles are made with a spritz of alcohol on the wet acrylic.

They are all 5.5 inches wide and various lengths from 8.5 to 13.5. These are the outside dimensions of the black panel.

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redchair said...

Hi Carol,
I love your work. (I vistied your gallery also. One of my favorites is Approaching Storm. It's really stunning. I'm a California Artist. Come visit.
Vikki North