KUNG PAO, 03408, acrylic abstract painting

A favorite of mine in a Chinese restaurant is something with kung pao in the name. I love hot and spicy szechuan cuisine. That was the inspiration for this multilayered textured abstract.

I used gloss medium & varnish (by Liquitex) for the squiggle shape. This product can be used as a finishing varnish on acrylic paintings or as an isolation coat. What is an isolation coat, you ask? An isolation coat usually goes on a finished painting before the final varnish is applied, the idea being that conservators can remove varnish down to the isolation coat and the underlying paint layers would be protected. In the way I used it here, it is like a transparent window to the surface on which you apply it, the white panel I started with.

I also used micaceous iron oxide (by Golden) for the dark grey areas. MIO is actually used as a ground for pastels, but I like its visual characteristics - it is matte, yet has little sparkles - for my acrylic abstracts. Click on the painting for a close up view.
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