SUNFLOWERS 1, 02208, 6x6 oil painting of sunflower bouquet

You might notice the number following the title of each painting. It is an inventory number that will make ordering a painting more precise for you, and tracking more organized for me. The number means that this is the 22nd painting I've done in the year 2008.

And if you're wondering why I put a description of the painting ("oil painting of sunflower bouquet") after the title, it's because search engines, like Google, need words for descriptions, because they cannot "see" the painting.

I painted two sunflower paintings over the weekend. It get's to be a pain (in the behind) to come up with original titles for similar subject matter. My numbering system will take off the pressure to come up with a unique title. For purchase information on this painting, please see the small paintings section on my website or click this link:

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