Faces, 12 oil portraits done in Fauvist style

They are done! I think the whole (group) is greater than the sum of it's parts. Having them all lined up together is a visual feast. You can't help but stop and inspect them. Since they're hanging on a wall in my bathroom, you can SIT and comtemplate the faces while attending to other matters.

They are sold as a group. Each 8x10 face is framed separately. They can be displayed all together, three groups of four, or any other configuration. I have them lined up in chronological order, with face 1 being on the upper left, but any order would work.


Please contact me directly to purchase, www.carolnelsonfineart@comcast.net
Click to enlarge. Commissions invited.


k. Madison Moore said...

Wow...their done and their GREAT!!!!
Really nice Carol. Good Luck with them.

Carol Nelson said...

Thanks, Madison. They DO look really cool on the wall. I've never done 12 paintings of the same size and style before.