Mineshaft, mixed media abstract diptych

This is another in my geologic series and is my largest piece to date. It is painted on cradled birch panel and is quite heavy.

After tearing my hair out a couple times, I finally got this one to where I like it. Sometimes abstract work can be SO FRUSTRATING. I had some textured papers on here at first, then ended up ripping them off. This painting is done with acrylic modeling compound, acrylic and metallic paints, copper and aluminum.

I bought the metals at Home Depot, where they are sold as flashing. The copper tacks and square metal brads, I got at a scrapbooking store. I actually enjoy walking through hardware stores and thinking of artistic uses for various things I find there.

For purchase information, please see www.carolnelsonfineart.com, click on "works," then "abstracts."



Deb said...

This is so strong and almost reassuring. I love the use of the metal.

Chris Lally said...

Stunning - so creative!!