Face 3, original oil portrait done in fauvist style

I could have called this painting A Man and His Remote. The model in this case is my husband. He is NOT a fan of fauvism. LOL I tried to push the color even more on this one. Matisse gave his wife a green stripe down the middle of her face. I gave my husband an orange stripe. The only object true to it's actual color is the silver and grey remote and his black sweater.
This may look like an easy way to paint, but if you're used to painting what you see, you have to really search your creative subconscious to come up with these wild colors.


Anonymous said...

I also get that same look when my football team isn't playing the way I'm telling them to sitting in front of the tv. I love the intense color.

Carol Nelson said...

Ha! Yes, that is the look when he's watching the Broncos this season.