Computer Crash

Hello! You may wonder why I have not posted anything lately. My computer's hard drive went kaput, crashed, and sank. I am finally back in business and I am wading through about 200 emails. I will be posting again soon!


LceeL said...

Glad you're back. I have a number of questions. Do you paint AllaPrima or do you paint in layers? Do you tone your ground or do you underpaint? Or both? Have you ever considered documenting the progress of a piece from start to finish?

Carol Nelson said...

Thanks, lceel. I'll try to answer your questions. I would like to paint alla prima, but since I often change colors or values after the paint is applied, I end up with layers.
Most of the time, I don't tone my canvas and start a painting on white canvas. Sometimes I start with a black background. It makes for interesting effects.
I have shown several works-in-progress on my blog. If you scroll back through older posts, you will see them.