Surf 'n Sand, unmounted

OK, I'm continuing with the surf and sand theme. I've completed six. They are various sizes with the largest two being 4x12. I'm going to mount them on sand colored board (not white as in the previous photo), and then mount that on black. I've got the boards cut, but I'm using a flat, black spray paint for the black board, and it's too cold (18 degrees and snowing) for me to spray right now.
It should be interesting to see how these turn out. The colors I used are yellow ochre, burnt umber, turquoise green, ultramarine blue, anthaquinone blue, and a tiny touch of cadmium red, all Liquitex or Golden brands. The white is the canvas showing through where I drizzled some polymer medium on before I painted.


Linda Blondheim said...

I like your interesting and unusual subjects for your paintings. Well done.
Linda Blondheim

Carol Nelson said...

Thanks, Linda. I'm posessed by the abstract bug for the moment. After months of small realistic paintings, I just gotta do some abstract work. It doesn't hurt that I just sold a large abstact piece to the City of Aurora, CO, for their permanent collection. It seems like such a validation of your work when a civic entity makes a purchase.