I hope all my blog readers have a wonderful holiday season. I feel so blessed at having "met" so many wonderful people through this blog. Your emails and blog comments are so appreciated. When I post a painting on my blog, "put it out there" if you will, it's a little piece of me. Especially when I'm trying something new....will anybody notice, will anyone like it, will I be encouraged/discouraged????

It seems INCREDIBLE to me that persons around the world are actually looking at my work. When they reward my efforts with a purchase or commission, it really validates me as an artist. If I never sold a single piece, I would still paint, but it is the ultimate compliment if they want to part with their hard earned money to own a piece of me, one of my paintings. I know my painting has struck a chord with that person.

So, thank you, dear readers for making this artist feel worthy of your attention. 2007 has been my most productive year ever, and I hope to continue my passion in 2008 at an even greater pace. Carol

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