Earth Elements, acrylic geologic abstract

Sometimes you have to live with a painting for a long time before you know what's wrong with it. This painting was hanging in my bathroom for 6 months. Suddenly, (as I was sitting there), I realized what the problem was. There used to be a beige boarder around the picture that I had textured so it looked like plaster. In my eureka moment on the pot, I realized the boarder was the problem!

I took the painting down to my studio and tried different colors on the boarder. As it turned out, the best resolution of the problem was to just continue the painting to the edge of the canvas. I left the original boarder edge as a black line. It's an infinately cooler painting now.

I think about paintings a lot in bed when I'm slowly waking up, also sometimes in the shower, but this was a first on the toilet.
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