Ancient Elements, 24x36 acrylic geologic abstract (SOLD)

I continue the geologic abstracts. This one has a metallic elements that do not show well in the photo. I love how rich the colors turned out.

For purchase information, please see, click on works, then abstracts.


Nancy Eckels said...

Hi Carol

I really like this piece....very warm.


Carol Nelson said...

Dear Carol, I am absolutely blown away by your geological series. Do you have a price on Ancient Elements? Are you doing more? They are incredible. THank you, Nancy

Carol Nelson said...

Thank you Nancy and Nancy. Yes, I will be doing more. I'm trying to build up enough inventory to approach a gallery about carrying them. My present galleries are stricktly realism.

Shannon Hanson said...


Loved your painting here, Ancient Elements. Any thing
similar available? I am interested in oranges and reds such
as these. I just love the lines here, and normally don't
select abstracts but this one is truly incredible.

Thank you for any information you can provide,
Shannon Hanson