Titanic Demitasse Cup, 7x7 oil

This weekend we went to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science to see the Titanic Exhibition and the IMAX film, Ghosts of the Abyss. It was really awesome. Most of the small artifacts were in glass cases, but there was one gigantic piece of the actual hull. Interesting too, was the cost of the voyage in today's dollars: the most expensive suite, today, would cost $78,000, while the least costly steerage ticket would cost about $600.
The first class passengers were used to being treated like royalty. The furnishings were of the highest quality and their every wish was granted. In the gift shop, I couldn't resist this replica of a first class demitasse cup and saucer.

To purchase this painting, please see www.carolnelsonfineart.com, click on "Works,", then "Small Paintings."

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