Splogging and Site Scraping

There is one site (that I know of) that is illegally using my blog content. Until today, I didn't know such things occur. The reason, I suppose is to increase traffic to the bogus site. There are several artists blogs being scraped. Because of this, I am posting a:
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Charlotte McDavid said...

I have enjoyed your website which I receive through RSS feed.
I have never even heard of splogging and site scraping until today. I googled them and am amazed at what people think to do.
Thanks for the heads up as I also post my work on the internet.

Carol Nelson said...

I had no clue about this practice either. I was emailed by two other artists (Manuela Valenti and Belinda Del Pesco) that they saw my work, their work, and others on this site. They are more computer savvy than I, and were able to convince Word Press, the blog host, to shut the site down. I thank them for their efforts. We all have to look out for one another.