My Guard Dog, 12x24 oil, pug sleeping

I did this painting of our dog, Booger. Booger died two years ago after a long, happy life at age 14 years. Booger was a special dog. Of course, he had those big pug eyes and a very expressive face. As he aged, he eventually lost most of his vision and hearing, but never his appetite. His tail always wagged in spite of arthritis that I'm sure must have bothered him. We had to carry him up and down stairs. Booger's bed had to be far away from our bedroom because his snoring was so loud.

One of Boogie's favorite activities, in his youth, was chasing airplanes. When a plane flew over the back yard, Boogie would tear after it. Since he was looking up, he would sometimes run into things on the ground. Chasing planes is dangerous.

We also have two shih tzus. Since shih tzus don't shed, Booger felt compelled to shed for three. It's been two years that Booger is gone, and I think I'm still coming across a Booger hair every now and then. Sadly missed, but not forgotten. NOT FOR SALE

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k. Madison Moore said...

Carol...he is so adorable. I just love Pugs. Very nice.