Autumn Cathedral, framed, 12x36, fall foliage

This picture shows the frames. The photo's colors are truer to the painting, but I'm sorry for the parallax effect. I'm a painter, not a photographer. : (
It has been said to me that this painting looks like something Stephen Quiller could have done. I regard that as the ultimate compliment, because I adore Stephen Quiller's work. I was fortunate enough to take a 6 day workshop from Stephen Quiller about 6 years ago at La Garita Ranch in Colorado. One of the things Steve taught me was to see color in nature. Stephen Quiller is known for his work in color theory. When doing a plein air demo for the group, Steve would point out colors in the rocks, trees, bushes, etc. Honestly, I could NOT see the purple in the bushes AT FIRST. I learned to take a hint of color, and turn it into a statement of color. To see a true color master, see Stephen Quiller at

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Candy Barr said...

Stunning! Great combination of the stately autumn trees on doors. Really sucessful way to bring in the outdoors.