Life of Leisure 4, 10x10 original acrylic painting of a cat, $100

I tend to work in series, and, I must say, this cat series is really fun. I love the peaceful (or is it bored) look of this cat taking a sunbath. To purchase with Paypal, please see my website at SOLD
My local newspaper, The Denver Post, sponsors a haiku contest every week with different subject matter each time. When the subject was cats, this was the winning haiku (poem with 3 lines with a 5-7-5 syllable beat):
Tom went out one night
Forgetting the shelter spay
He could just consult
Kudos to Jim Vetting, Greeley, CO


Fawn said...

Just wonderful! you captured the feeling of fur perfectly.

k. Madison Moore said...

Carol...being a cat lover and having 7..I am just lovin these. Wonderful expressions and great work. Brings a smile to my face. Thanks.

Kim Blair said...

Carol, your cat portraits are fabulous! Have you thought of doing another series of these in 2010? I LOVE cats, too bad I am allergic to them... but that is why we have antihistamines!