Fenced Poppies, 12x36 original acrylic painting of poppies

I have another show this weekend, so gotta do some more poppies. They sell well because I think people respond to the vibrant colors and the texture. In this painting, I tried to simulate a chain link fence in the background. I actually did see some poppies growing against such a fence. I have always been attracted to squares and grids (don't know why) and did a whole series of paintings with grid backgrounds a couple years ago. History repeats itself.
That reminds me of a funny cartoon I cut out of the paper: Two little old ladies are looking at house plants. The first one says, "I named the fern JFK, the ficus MLK, and the ivy Lincoln."
The second one observes, "All met untimely deaths."
The first one replies, "History will repeat itself."

Cracks me up because I occasionally have house plant fatalities. Last winter I was so frustrated with aphids eating the blossoms on my hibiscus, I put the plant outside. The aphids froze to death, as did the hibiscus. Tough love. SOLD


Christa said...

oh I love the grid idea-
this painting is another great one.

I am back from vacation and will most likely try working on mine some more. I am a bit scared to do the umber wash at the end.

Carol Nelson said...

You must be brave, Christa. The umber wash is the SECRET.