Poppy Garden 4, 24x24 acrylic triptych

A client saw the first version (see June 1, 2007 post) of this painting at an art show. She had purchased a different painting of mine earlier and found it was too large for her home, so she wanted to trade it in, for this painting. I agreed, and set out to paint this one for her. I worked on it at my gallery in Golden, CO(Spirits in the Wind) where I was doing a demonstration. Now the gallery wants this one, so I have to do another version for the client. And so it goes....poppymania.


Christa said...

This one is fabulous too! Love the happy colors.
I am still working on mine. Pretty close to putting on the wash.
Yours look way better! I think mine looks more like tulips LOL

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

What is the technique? Have you posted it somewhere. Looks like fun to do. Great design!

Carol Nelson said...

Thanks Mary. The texture technique is posted on my blog entry for May 29,2007. There are several entries showing the step by step process.