Mountain Time Zone, mixed media collage

I first posted this painting a couple months ago and it received a lot of attention and approval. I entered it in the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Show, thinking I had a good chance with this piece of getting in. WRONG. Oh well, wait 'til next year, as they say.

About juried shows: I have long since learned that not being accepted into a show doesn't mean you're a bad artist. It means that one particular juror was not looking for the painting you submitted. I've heard jurors say things like, "I needed more landscapes (or figures, or still lifes, or abstracts)". I've gone to shows where my work was not accepted and looked, incredulously, at the abominations that DID get in. One thing for sure, most jurors have seen every "typical subject" a thousand times. They are not impressed with a beautiful flower, sunset, bowl of fruit, figure,etc. no matter how skillfully done. They want a new, creative approach to that "typical subject."


k. Madison Moore said...

This great and very interesting.

Ron Morrison said...

I wudda accepted it, I like it. I have a friend who was best in show one year and outa luck the next in a prestigious big show. I had to laugh, his unaccepted work was at least the equal of his winning work. He hasn't been the same since. Shall we say he's become a bit cynical.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

How did this make out in the show?
The colors, shapes and texture are fabulous!
Again, I'm inspired by your facility with different media.