Poppy Garden, 12x36 acrylic SOLD

See (scroll down) the 5 steps involved in creating this painting.
After wiping off the excess burnt umber wash, you will see that it stays in the creases created by the acrylic medium you put on the canvas in step 1, giving depth and enhancing the three dimensional effect. You may have to repaint some of the lighter colored edges of the petals. Final varnish and, voila, you have a beautiful, highly textured painting.
I wish you could see what this photo does not show. The petals catch the light, especially under a spot light, and really seem to jump out at you. This painting is available. It is framed in a black, wood, shadow box frame that shows the painted edges of the canvas.


Nancy Merkle said...

It was a pleasure to view your process. Thanks for sharing.

Jelaine Faunce said...

Man, through every step I would have so much trouble moving on just because the work is compelling all the way through. Thank you for sharing your process!