Canyonlands, 10x12, acrylic collage SOLD

This abstract suggested the canyons of the Western desert areas in Utah. I liked the contrast of the metallic portions with the surrounding earth tones. This piece sold the day after I made it, so I didn't get to enjoy it for myself very long. SOLD


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love your abstract collage work. Let us know the outcome with that blue and gold beauty with the clocks.
A masterpiece!

Carol Nelson said...

Thank you, Mary, for all your kind remarks. I will let everyone know whether my pieces are accepted in the Rocky Mountain National or not. I think notifications are mailed this week.
I read on your blog a little about your nomadic life. Sounds wonderful!

k. Madison Moore said...

This is just beautiful. Isee it and I feel it. I feel like i'm right there.
Good Luck,
k. Madison